Diandri Taqia Alnindya 석사과정

연구분야 및 관심 분야 /
Environmental Behavior, Occupant Health and Well-Being, Biophilic Design, Design for People with Special Needs

I completed my bachelor’s degree in the Architecture Department of Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia in 2021 and started my master’s degree in the Interior Architecture and Built Environment Department of Yonsei University in September 2022.

My research of interest is focused on Environmental Behavior and Design, especially on the Health and Well-Being of people with special needs. I believe that the built environment has a great influence on the way others use the space; affects people’s moods, feelings, and even quality of life; and plays a crucial role in the development of our civilization.


Alnindya, D., Pradharma B., Pourine, B. (2021). Braga Street Experience: Understanding the Fulfillment of Pedestrian Needs through Google Street View Media. Architecture Journal ZONASI, 4(1), 46-61. DOI: https://ejournal.upi.edu/index.php/jaz/article/view/29920